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Capcom announces a new demo and competition for Dragon's Dogma

Beginning next week Capcom will be offering up an all new demo for Dragon's Dogma.

Despite the game already having been out for some time, Capcom wants to give new players a chance to try the game out for themselves in hopes that they may decided to pick it up. The demo is exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and features the game’s Prologue along with access to the in-depth character customization screen before the player embarks on a quest to defeat the mighty Hydra and deliver one of its three heads to the castle.

In addition, a new competition is being held on the Pawn Community website, The Gran Soren Times. Players will be able to submit in-game screenshots taken using the photo sharing feature in Dragon’s Dogma into three different categories: The Fairest Maidens, The Most Dashing Gentlemen, and The Most Unique Myrmidons. Winning entries will receive exclusive avatars for PSN or Xbox Live and 18 very lucky grand prize winners - six each from Europe, North America and Japan - will have their pawns showcased in the “Special Pawn” area of the Rift. For more information be sure to check out The Gran Soren Times at

A new update is also available for both versions of the game which allows players to select an Easy Mode.


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