Two new Final Fantasy titles in the works

Just days after announcing Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS, Square-Enix have released information on even more titles - another for the DS, and another for Sony's heavily trailing PSP console.

The DS sequel to Final Fantasy XII, Revenant Wings is in fact just the beginning of a set of games from Square-Enix that will be known as the "Ivalice Alliance," similar to how all FFVII games are known as the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

The first of the new announcements to join the Ivalice alliance alongside Revenant Wings is Final Fantasy Tactics - The Lion War, for PSP. The Lion Wars is set to be a remake of the original Final Fantasy Tactics with all new jobs, cell shaded cutscenes and other unknown extras.

Also announced, and also part of the collection will be Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - The Sealed Grimoire. Details on this title are as yet sketchy, but the game appears to be a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - thus the A2. If the title will be on GBA or DS is as yet unknown. Scans featuring logos for Ivalice Alliance and the games are below.