The World Ends With an iOS Port - Not a Sequel

Square Enix has accidentally revealed what their exciting little The World Ends With You countdown site is all about by placing information on the page ahead of time: The Nintendo DS cult classic is to get an iOS port and a new arranged soundtrack CD.

The slip up came as a new The World Ends With You music arrange CD was spotted on the Japanese Square Enix store. The description of the CD, captured by duckroll of NeoGAF, mentions that it's to include tracks from the iOS version of the game, which will feature a remastered soundtrack.

That's good news - the music of The World Ends With You is pretty great and deserves to be rearranged - though a fair number of fans are bound to be irate that the announcement relates only to a CD and port, not a sequel.

Something else may happen when the countdown hits zero - but we're willing to bet this is your lot. What did you think the countdown was for? Drop your thoughts in the comments.





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