24/24/24 Challenge - You In?

No, that's not a misprint. 24 hours of Xbox Live. Continuous. Yes, I'm crazy.

On the 28th of December, at 12pm, I'm starting this task, following it through all the way to midday on the 29th. On the way to this benchmark, I'm hitting 24 achievements and playing 24 different games in that time. As well as this, I'm looking for people to come up with 12 different challenges for me during the course of the event, such as pretending I'm female, getting deleted off someones friend list, making people believe I've played Halo 3, you know the deal. Make them realistic though, please - I have got to do them when it comes down to it.

So, you want to be part of this? Get on Live and add me as a friend. Play me sometime, chat with me, generally take the piss out of me, I don't mind; just get involved. I'm gonna write the whole shabang up, so any stand out moments will be mentioned of course. It's bound to be a damn interesting investigation into the shadowy world of Xbox Live. Do the screaming Halo preteens really rule Microsoft's network? My GamerTag is Swift Spark - now get practising, I'm coming for you, regardless of time zone.

Example Tasks set by Members:
>> Pretty Boy - Persuade any person playing with you that you're a girl and get chatted up.

>> Angelic Asshole - Don't swear or cuss for the entire 24 hours, but get booted from a game.

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