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Tales of Xillia 2 information and video overload

Tales of Xillia 2 will be receiving a visit from the characters of the previous game as well as a detailed explanation of the game's combat system and more from the latest Famitsu. Jude Mathis, the protagonist of Tales of Xillia, will be making his triumphant return in the sequel. Boasting a new wild look, Jude is medical school graduate currently researching in Liese Maxia and Elempios. His primary concern is the research over Origin. Jude will also feature new moves such as Ice Breaker and Kusanagi.

Ivar is also present in its sequel. While he previously acted as a caretaker of Milla, he now resides in Elempios acting as an agent for the Clanspia Company doing odd jobs. While he may not have changed his hair like Jude, he'll sport a new look such as his sunglasses.

On the story side, the game will be divided into chapters. You'll be free to do whatever you want in between chapters such as finishing up side quests or encounter Character Episodes, where your party spreads around town and you can discover their individual narratives. 

Corpse Shell is Ludger's alternate form in the game possessing an obscene amount of power. There are two phases to Corpse Shell. In the first phase Ludger cannot be knocked back from attacks and in the second his physical appearance changes as well as gaining a boost in power. 

Namco Bandai also released two videos featuring Leia in battle in addition to a demonstration of Chained Link Artes.


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