Final Fantasy XIII-2 add-on content goes on sale for a limited time

While not officially announced by Square Enix, the US PlayStation Blog has blown the lid off a new promotion in regards to Final Fantasy XIII-2′s selection of DLC.

If you’ve somehow missed out on the plethora of content available post-launch, now’s your chance to buy in at a discounted price. Each piece of downloadable content for the game, including character episodes, costumes and coliseum battles will enjoy a 50% price cut.

LIGHTNING: REQUIEM OF THE GODDESS (now: $2.49 original price: $4.99)
MOG’S OUTFITS: A WONDROUS WARDROBE (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
NOEL’S OUTFIT: BLACK MAGE (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
NOEL’S OUTFIT: EZIO AUDITORE (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
NOEL’S OUTFIT: N7 ARMOR (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
NOEL’S OUTFIT: SPACETIME GUARDIAN (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
OPPONENT: GILGAMESH (now: $1.99 original price: $3.99)
OPPONENT: LIGHTNING & AMODAR (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
OPPONENT: NABAAT (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
OPPONENT: PUPU (now: $0.99 original price: $1.99)
OPPONENT: ULTROS & TYPHON (now: $1.99 original price: $3.99)
SAZH: HEADS OR TAILS? (now: $2.49 original price: $4.99)
SERAH’S OUTFIT: BEACHWEAR (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
SERAH’S OUTFIT: N7 ARMOR (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
SERAH’S OUTFIT: WHITE MAGE (now: $1.49 original price: $2.99)
SNOW: PERPETUAL BATTLEFIELD (now: $1.99 original price: $3.99)

Discounted pricing is currently available on the Japanese and North American PlayStation stores. Presumably Europe along with Xbox Live will enjoy this promotion shortly.