EA and Bioware to release Mass Effect Trilogy compilation, includes ME1 for PS3

EA and Bioware have announced plans to release a 'Mass Effect Trilogy' package as a part of celebrations of what they're calling 'N7 Day' - on November 7th. The package will launch a day in advance on November 6th.

Most notable of all is the fact that the PS3 version of the set will for the first time include a copy of the original Mass Effect, which was previously published by Microsoft for Xbox 360 and EA for PC. PS3 owners will have to wait a little longer, though - Bioware say that version will arrive "later" and after the other versions.

Mass Effect will also be made available as a download for PlayStation Network for those who already own copies of the second and third games and don't want to buy a complete box again. The game currently retails on Xbox Live for quite cheap, so hopefully the PS3 version will edge closer to that price.

The set comes packaged in a 'Premium Foil Box' with Exclusive Artwork and newly-prinited discs for all three games. This isn't just a cheap repackaging of existing inventory.

At $59.99 for three of the highest rated games on RPG Site this generation, it's a pretty solid set. If you don't know, the Mass Effect games let players carry their saves between games for a sense of continuity, in-game choices carried with them.

Check out some of Bioware's official imagery of the set below. 

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