The God and the Fate Revolution Paradox screenshots and artwork

Following last week's information drop in Dengeki PlayStation, full resolution screenshots for NIS's God and the Fate Revolution Paradox have surfaced online.

The lot of them reveal the game's core designs - which appear to be somewhat of a successor to Zettai Hero Project, which released on the PSP.

Kamipara is a turn based random dungeon crawler where your level resets to 1 each time you leave the dungeon, but you also have a "total level" which continues to boost your base stats.

The game also uses a partner system where the hero and one angel tags along in the dungeon. The characters can move independently to act as decoys, and each angel has special abilities. Characters can also carry and throw each other similar to Disgaea. The game allows tons of customization for both the main character and the angels, similar to that of ZHP.

Kamipara is due out on December 20th in Japan. You can view the new screenshots below and even more artwork over in the Media Vault.


The God and the Fate Revolution Paradox Screenshots
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