Guild Wars 2 gets a free trial next week

If you haven't had the opportunity to try Guild Wars 2 then your chance has finally come. During November 15-18, players will have the chance to try out Guild Wars 2 in its full glory as well as the new content update called Lost Shores. The catch is that you're going to need a friend who has a full copy of the game to refer you in order to get the trial. Despite this small caveat, it's no hurdle considering the massive success the game has had. Sure there's someone out there who can give you a trial! 

In order for someone to be eligible to refer a friend for a trial he or she must've had the account created before November 6th and the account must be in good standing. Additionally you can only refer a friend up to 3 times for this trial period so be wise if you're going to give them out. The feature will be active Monday November 12th so don't panic if it's not working now.

Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG that launched in August this year and has received critical acclaim. Following its launch the game has received a large content update and an event during the Holloween period as well as consistent updates to balance out classes.

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