Bioware gives away free Dragon Age, Dragon Age II bonus items for the holidays

Dragon Age: Origins, its expansion Awakening and Dragon Age II both had rather aggressive pre-order campaigns which saw a great number of items available in a great number of places. It was more of a pain than anything, but as a holiday gift to its fans, Bioware has seen fit to right that particular set of wrongs with one easy holiday package.

Heading to this promotional page, highlighted by PC Gamer, will net you every single bonus and promotional item for all three releases with a few very minor exceptions. All you have to do is log in with your Origin account. Not a bad deal, huh? 

That's a total of 40 items, all of which will give players a boost if they replay the game. Even those who don't own the game can get in on the action - so if you intend to pick it up later, this is an even better deal. PC version only - sorry, console users!

[via VG247]