Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX Jump Festa 2013 trailer

With Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD finally dated and Jump Festa past, Square Enix has released the full reveal trailer online for all to see.

Some other details on the game have surfaced out of Famitsu, including some highlights of features that have been added or changed for this HD remaster.

For Kingdom Hearts, some textures and character models have been upgraded. While English voice found in the original Final Mix version has been switched to Japanese, both audio options are available. As with any PS3 game released after 2009, Trophy support is included along with custom PS3 themes that will unlock following the completion of the game.

An EXP 0 mode has been added - which prevents you from earning EXP. Combo Master has also been included which lets combos do their magic even if your attack misses. Camera controls have now been updated, moved to the right analog stick and R3 will reset the camera back to default position. Talk and other abilities are now mapped to the â–³ button and summons are separated from Magic in the command menu. Cutscenes can now be skipped as well.

The staff says that a great deal of the original game's base material had to be remade to fit in context with a HD remastering. The menus have been of course redone along with widescreen support and updated controls. Even if you've already played the PS2 version, this new edition can feel fresh. As a nice incentive, the team has worked hard to bring many trophies and custom themes.

Using their experience from this project, the team hopes to bring their skills to use on the next HD remaster.

Their official website has been updated with it, but we've also provided the video below.

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