Atelier Ayesha Skips Dual Audio Tracks


Tecmo Koei are now the proprietors of the Atleier franchise in the western world and as with any acquisition fans are worried about what might be lost in the shuffle. For the series latest release, Atelier Ayesha, that's dual audio tracks.

After some initial confusion, TK has confirmed the game will break a tradition of sorts by not featuring the Japanese voicework as well as having only a partially recorded English dub.

 “We are very sorry. We have confirmed the voice option information with [Atelier series developer] Gust and for this title, it will be English only,” said a TK representative in a statement to Siliconera.

The publisher is also disheartened by the loss and will aim to include the feature in futere localized installments. Atelier Ayesha launches on the PS3 on March 5 in the US, and March 8 in Europe.