Crazy cross-over Project X Zone makes its way West

Namco Bandai Games has reconfirmed their commitment to bringing even the most niche titles West by announcing that they're bringing over Project X Zone, a Nintendo 3DS RPG that must have been a rights nightmare to clear for a Western release.

The Strategy RPG pulls together characters from Capcom, SEGA and Namco Bandai themselves. From favourites of Valkyria Chronicles and Shining Force through to Ryu, Kazuya and Mega Man, it's a hell of a suite of playable characters.

The game features 50 characters total from 29 different franchises, and tasks players with finding a winning duo to explore the world and battle with. We're pretty surprised at this announcement, as on a list of games that we'd expected to come West, this would've been pretty low - props to Namco. Check out the first shots below - there's also some art in the Media Vault.

Project X Zone Screenshots
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