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Gas Powered games looks to RPG Kickstarter to save the company

For several days now, Gas Powered Games has been running a Kickstarter for a new action RPG they want to make, Wildman. Described as a spiritual successor to the original Dungeon Siege, Wildman sounds pretty damn cool based on the pitch on that Kickstarter page - but progress has been slow.

Shortly after the Kickstarter launched, things went bad - Gas Powered Games let go of a massive chunk of its work force. If the company's full staff were kept on through the duration of the Kickstarter, the company would go under.

It's a terrible measure, taken to try to prolong the life of the company long enough to gain funding - and the company is now looking for feedback on if they should continue to pursue Wildman or let it go.

There's a video featuring a full explanation up at the Kickstarter page featuring Chris Taylor, the man behind GPG. It's pretty gut-wrenching to watch.

Vote with your wallets, people - and try to remember, GPG are responsible for the first two Dungeon Siege games and the awesome Supreme Commander series. They have a pedigree.

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