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New Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki details

An official website for Falcom's upcoming PS3/Vita game, Sen no Kiseki has been launched.  The site includes new screenshots, artwork, and some details about the world and prologue.

The Elebonian Empire is an old major country boasting the largest domain which is located in the Western part of the continent of Zemuria. In recent years, it has come under domestic stress is building due to the appearance of two powers.

These  powers are the Noble Faction and the Reformist Group.  The Noble Faction is mainly made up of the major noble clan known as “the noble family of the four elements,”.  They use their vast resources to maintain a regional army and protect what they conservatively view as rightfully theirs.

The Reformist Group are revolutionaries attempting to usurp the power of the nobles, led by a common turned “Iron Chancellor.” They are expanding their military power with taxes gathered from the imperial capital and its provinces. These two powers will never see eye to eye and the antagonism is intensifying behind closed doors to the point where even the emperor’s mediation proved fruitless. This hidden feud has spread to all parts of the empire.

See the screenshots and artwork below.

Sen no Kiseki Screenshots

Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki is scheduled to land in Japan sometime this year.

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