Final Fantasy for PS4 to debut at E3 2013

While Square Enix didn't come out swinging as strongly as some at Sony's PlayStation 4 reveal event, they did have an important presence driven by two Hashimotos, both of whom we've interviewed here on RPG Site in the past.

Square Enix's Chief Technical Officer Yoshihisa Hashimoto took to the stage to show off the Agni's Philosophy tech demo again, which you can find embedded below. It was the same demo that we saw and chatted to the team about at E3 - and though it wasn't running on a PS4, Hashimoto stated that this was the intended target for Square Enix titles on the PS4.

He then handed off to another Hashimoto employee of Square, Shinji Hashimoto, who is one of the top producers in charge of the Final Fantasy series. He said that a FF title was already in development for PS4, and that we'd learn more at E3. He asked us to look forward to it. It is also worth noting that Hashimoto is the producer on Final Fantasy Versus XIII - so this could potentially be that game.