Diablo III coming to PlayStation consoles

Blizzard announced earlier today that they have formed a strategic partnership with Sony Entertainment to release their 2012 hit PC title Diablo III for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. They have also announced that during PAX East next month, players will be able to get their hands on the PS3 version of the game and try it for themselves. This has been hinted at for many months now and seemed to be a foregone conclusion, which it obviously is now.

All the updates that improved the PC version of the game, including Paragon leveling, all the different new weapons and items, and much more, will be coming to the consoles, along with a deep focus on making sure that the experience between the two platforms is symmetrical but making sure everything is accessible with the controller. They also mentioned that there will be an ability to do side-by-side coop with a friend on the game without using split-screen, but we will have to wait until late next month to find out more.

Considering this was being billed as a "strategic partnership", it remains to be seen whether Diablo III will be released on the Xbox 360 and/or its new console as well. No release dates were given for the title, but considering a playable demo will be out so soon, expect it to be around the launch window of the PS4

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