Final Fantasy XIII Details Unveiled

In the latest issue of Gemaga, a Japanese gaming magazine, Tetsuya Nomura gave some new information on Final Fantasy XIII. According to Nomura, there will be a new character named "Mr. 33 cm". Apparently, this is a reference to Mr. Nomura's shoe size. He also said that Mr. 33 cm is a somewhat wild person and described his combat style as humorous.

Nomura also stated that the combat style in Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be a mixture of other Square-Enix tittles such as Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts II.

Another interesting feature that Nomura mentioned was the ability to change the player's point-of-view in the game depending on the weapon equipped. For example, if the player is carrying a sword, the camera would be in third-person and when the character equips a gun, the camera will change to first-person. Airships are also confirmed, however, Nomura did not say what roles they will play in the game.

Finally, Nomura announced that Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be the last Final Fantasy game that he would direct since he wishes to fully dedicate himself on the new Kingdom Hearts game. He believes it is impossible to focus on two projects at the same time, therefore, he will finish Final Fantasy Versus XIII before moving on to the next Kingdom Hearts franchise.

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