Persona 2 PS1 Classic Missing Vita Compatibility

Yesterday, Atlus released the original PlayStation version of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment as a PS1 Classic downloadable title on PlayStation Network.

Meant to be a consolation for the lack of a Western localization and release of the PSP remake of this second half of the P2 dualogy, there is something of a catch for Western gamers excited to complete their Persona collection. We've discovered that the game is currently incompatible with PlayStation Vita - which is how many owners of digital copies of PS1 titles prefer to play.

The game isn't listed in the Vita's PSN storefront, but even if players download it via PS3, the handheld's content manager application won't pick it up when attempting to transfer from PS3. Unlike some PS1 titles, this one is impossible to transfer with no work-around.

We contacted Atlus for comment, and they told us that they are looking into the issue, which appears to not be intentional. They told us that they hope to get it fixed soon - but in the meantime gamers will have to make do with playing the title on their TV or, if they own one, a PSP. Vita owners beware!



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