Square-Enix Announces Party

Square-Enix has a special gift for those of you who like to party hard. In May, Square-Enix will hold a special gaming event and hopefully, they'll show us some of their upcoming titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

In 2005, Square managed to gather 45,000 visitors at the Makuhari Messe in Japan. For those of you that never heard of this place, it is commonly used for the Tokyo Game Show and Jump Festa gaming events.

The 2007 Square-Enix conference will be on the 12th and 13th of May. However, there's no confirmation on what Square will be showing, but during the 2005 conference, there were playable demos, previews of upcoming games and Square even gave out the official release date for Final Fantasy XII in Japan, so expect to see some surprises this year.

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