Black Rock Shooter finally heads to North America and Europe this month

After a very long period of silence, NIS America announced this afternoon that the Imageepoch-developed PSP ARPG, Black Rock Shooter, will be brought to the West. With a gameplay style similar to titles liek Parasite Eve, players are able to roam around an environment before engaging in battles with different enemies on screen, transitioning to a separate field of battle.

A hybrid third-person shooter/RPG based off of the hit manga series. In Black Rock Shooter The Game, the world has been invaded by aliens and it's up to the living ultimate weapon Black Rock Shooter to defend mankind and repel the enemy forces.

NIS America will be publishing the game on PSN April 23rd in North America and a day later on the 24th in Europe. Unfortunately, the game will not be available in all regions due to licensing and copyright issues.  This includes Canada, Mexico, and a few nonspecified countries in Europe. You can check out the official trailer below, along with an assemblage of fresh English screenshots in the gallery.

Black Rock Shooter The Game Screenshots

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