Tales of Xillia set for August 6th?

Tales of Xillia has eluded a release date ever since it was announced. It was only until recently that the summer 2013 release window was made known to the public. While it's not confirmed, Kotaku's Jason Schreier reported the titles release on August 6th of this year. It's not exactly known if this is the confirmed release date or which region it's exactly confirmed for if it's true - though the article notes the date for the US. However, it does align with the summer 2013 window that Namco Bandai gave us. In addition, according to a tweet from the Japanese Tales Channel twitter account there was an event for the game at New York confirming a locked-in release date for the title.

In addition, Hideo Baba said "[Namco Bandai doesn't] have any plans to release any of the Vita titles" in the West. The reason behind it is due to the relative poor performance of the PlayStation Vita The two titles he is referring to are Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R. These Vita games are remakes of the original titles released on the Nintendo DS. The R stands for reimagining. 

Baba did note that this year would be a Tales filled year and while he didn't make any specific mentions as to why or what it could be he smiled as he said this.

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