UPDATE 1: Tales of Xillia trailer, release date confirmation, and collector's edition

Tales of Xillia was confirmed to be slated for a summer 2013 release window but now with the announcement from Namco Bandai Games and a trailer to boot, the game will launch on August 6th for the US and the 9th for EU. You can find the trailer featuring Jude and Milla, the game's two protagonists, below.

In addition to this announcement, Tales of Xillia will also be getting a day-one edition and a collector's edition of the game. Similar to Tales of Graces f, the day-one edition will have an artbook and an original sample soundtrack all wrapped in a collector's packaging. The collector's packaging will also include everything previously mentioned with the edition of a figure for Milla Maxwell. The game will also sport DLC costumes for the collector's edition. This was previously available for those who pre-ordered in Japan and judging by how Graces did something similar, the costumes will most likely be pre-order bonus and not collector's edition exclusive. The official Tales twitter account mentioned that only 10,000 copies of the collector's edition will be available but it's uncertain whether this is for both regions or each individual regions.

UPDATE1: Namco Bandai just release more videos, this time featuring Alvin and Elize. You'll find the videos below the trailer! 

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