Sakaguchi on Final Fantasy and Xbox 360

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Final Fantasy series creator, Hironubo Sakaguchi, has revealed that it would be wise to release future Final Fantasy games on the Xbox 360. In truth, no one knows if Final Fantasy XIII will be exclusive for the Playstation 3 or not, but Sakaguchi feels that Final Fantasy XIII could be easily ported to the Xbox 360 because it is being developed on the White Engine. Apparently, the White Engine is cross-platform, which means that if Final Fantasy XIII does get an Xbox 360 version, it wouldn't be so hard to port it.

Does this mean that Square will release FF XIII for the 360? Well, Square-Enix hasn't said anything about it, but it looks like there is a high chance of that happening.

Furthermore, Sakaguchi said that there would be no problem in competing with Square-Enix, his former company:

"I'm willing to break them into pieces, crush them at my feet. [laughs]"

Source: Gamespot

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