Kickstarter based Jagged Alliance: Flashback meets its funding target

Kickstarter forged Jagged Alliance: Flashback has nailed its $350,000 funding target on the popular crowd funding site and will be released sometime late in 2014.

The whole thing came down to the wire, as the game hit its goal with just six hours left on the clock.

Developed by Full Control, those talented bods who are bringing out the exceptionally nifty looking Space Hulk for mobile, PC and Mac, Jagged Alliance: Flashback is the developer's attempt at reinvigorating the popular strategy RPG.

Whisking you back to the 1980's, it casts you as a group of mercenaries charged with ousting the Soviets from the contentious island of San Christobal.  You'll do this through turn-based tactical warfare which will push the story forward, itself underpinned by base management, resource management, training of new personnel and the researching of new technologies.

Pre-production on the Unity powered title will commence as development finishes on Space Hulk; the latter due for release sometime during the fall.

You can catch boatloads of information on the game at its Kickstarter page.

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