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Square Enix to aim for console-like experiences on mobile devices

Square Enix has revealed that it intends to shift some of its focus to produce more console-like experiences for mobile devices, which continue their meteoric rise in popularity for gaming.

"On the basis of progress of recent devices, we are thinking to push into publishing games on smart phones and tablets, which we had hithero only published on game consoles," said a statement released as part of the company's results briefing.

"In particular, our strong-point of single-player, story-driven games," the statement further reveals, going on to say that Senior Executive Managing Director Yosuke Matsuda has already given instruction to development teams to follow through on this idea with upcoming titles.

The company cites the continuing rise and popularity of mobile devices for gaming including Apple and Android devices and PC-based social gaming as a reason for the repositioning. 

"Until now we have published games on these devices such as remakes of our old titles or turning our old franchises into social games," the statement continues, "But going forward, in addition to these efforts, we will create new game titles of similar type. [sic]"

Via NeoGAF - thanks guys.

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