New Tales of Xillia character spotlights

Namco Bandai unveiled this month's two characters for the character spotlight. 

Rowen the grizzled old mage serves as the butler for the House Sharil, one of the five great houses of Rashugal. He is extremely talented in spirit Artes and due to his age he is extremely wise as well as experienced in many life-related things. While mostly gentle, there his a hidden darker side to Rowen.

Leia is Jude's childhood friend. She's an extremely energetic girl and always manages to be cheery even during hard times. While Jude went off to medical school to become a doctor, Leia stayed behind to help run the family inn as well as work for the Mathis' clinic as a nurse. As a result Leia is endowed with healing Artes in battle to support her friends. She's a hard worker and always strives to be the best that she can be.

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