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Final Fantasy XV announced for the PS4

We've all been waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

It's been many years and Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the project is indeed still in development. Not only that but Versus XIII is now titled Final Fantasy XV.

Featuring slick visuals and absolutely beautiful vistas, XV seems to be an exciting new chapter in the Final Fantasy series. The game appears to be action based unlike the previous titles which used some variation of the turn-based combat structure. In addition, the main character Noctis has the ability to teleport around and use his swords to rain death on his enemies. Lastly the game is very cinematic featuring what looks like quick time events.

While all of the previous characters are in this new game the naming has changed.

Final Fantasy XV is for the PlayStation 4 with no release date announce yet.

Look at the trailer below.


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