Battle Princess Of Arcadia details and media


Nippon Ichi have recently announced that they are working on a new sidescroller action RPG called Battle Princess of Arcadia. Developed by Apollosoft, who previously worked on Ragnarok Tactics, players take control of the young crimson-maned princess, Plume, of the Schwert Kingdom. She loves a good fight and takes a lot of pride in what she does, but she is also beloved by her subjects and wants to make sure that they remain safe.

The world is set on a large continent called Weltecs that is made up of many different countries. The land is divided into three territories: Armatura to the West; Velos in the middle; and Schwert to the East, and each territory features a wide variety of climates and terrain.

In each country there is an army of soldiers all led by a Battle Princess who is tasked on taking on the monsters that roam around the land utilizing their amazing fighting abilities. After a large creature appeared and wiped away the lives of most of Plume's people, she ventures out to find out how it spawned and why the number of monsters has been dramatically rising as of late.

The game will feature over 900 different kinds of weapons that can be used in combination with different abilities to bring out their true skill. Weapons can also be upgraded over use and there will be loot to find while on your travels. 

Battle Princess of Arcadia will be released on September 26th in Japan for the PlayStation 3. There was no mention of a Western localization. You can check out over a dozen images below. The game looks gorgeous.