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Souls Saga - a Japanese-style RPG inspired by PS era classics

New indie-developer, Disastercake, has recently set up a Kickstarter to fund an ambitious RPG inspired by Japanese titles from the 90s, more specifically those present on the Playstation.

Souls Saga will feature many staples of the genre, including turn-based battles modeled after Final Fantasy X's CTB system.

The Kickstarter has reached its goal, as well as the stretch goal adding more platforms to the mix, including Playstation 4, Wii U and Vita.  Promiment voice actors have also been brought aboard, including Todd Haberkorn and Kira Buckland.  More stretch goals are available to improve the game and add more features the genre is known for such as airship battles and more side quests.

For more information about the game, and the ability to pledge if you're interested, check the Kickstarter page here, as well as the Steam Greenlight page here

16 days remain until the Kickstarter ends as of this post.  These are the current stretch goals.

Souls Saga Screenshots

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