Final Fantasy Dissidia Announced

Square-Enix has just announced another PSP game, Final Fantasy Dissidia. Not much is known about this game except that it will be a combat videogame, much like Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers. Players will be able to choose from various Final Fantasy characters such as Zidane, Kuja and the Warrior of Light. Square-Enix also said that Dissidia will have progressive action elements.

To view a scan of Final Fantasy Dissidia, click here. More news as we get it.

Update: A Final Fantasy Dissidia website has now surfaced on the web. The website doesn't offer any information besides that Tetsuya Nomura will be the character designer and that new information will be available later this week during the Square-Enix party 2007.

Click here to visit the Final Fantasy Dissidia website.