New Tales of Xillia screenshots and character profiles

This new update marks the July update for Tales of Xillia. As the game is two weeks from launch this will most likely be the last batch of screenshots and characters that will be unveiled. Fret not as the game indeed is coming out soon. Until it comes out take a look at the profiles for Ivar and Muzet below.


“Only I, Ivar, am ordained to serve Lady Milla's holy presence!”

Ivar is from the family that have successively served as the “Handmaid of Maxwell” in the village which enshrines Maxwell. He has very strong pride as the Handmaid, and has been serving and always staying beside Milla all the time since childhood. However, with Jude’s appearance, he one-sidedly judged that his position as the one to serve Milla is at stake, and is always argumentative against Jude. He is clever and has strong sense of justice, with very good martial arts skills utilizing two swords, but due to his short-temper and elitism, he often acts over-emotional and tends to screw up. 


“Whatever you wish.”

A spirit with mysterious aura in which Jude and his friends meet during their adventure. She calls herself the “older sister of Milla” and comes along in the adventure, offering to help the party. When they first found her, her powers were lost due to the loss of Mana, but by being employed by Jude, she gradually retrieved her original powers. She always has an elegant smile, and is always at her own pace without being moved by anything. Similar to herself always floating in the air off the ground, her personality is elusive. 

Tales of Xillia Screenshots