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Dragon Quest Monsters 2 headed to the 3ds

Dragon Quest Monsters 2, the latest sequel to the Monsters line of Dragon Quest games, was announced today. The Monsters spin off are unique to Dragon Quest in that players capture classic Dragon Quest monsters and pit them against foes. 

DQM2 will contain new monsters from the latest Dragon Quest release - Dragon Quest X - bringing the number of collectible monsters to a whopping 800 monsters. The game will also feature 4 on 4 monster battles.

Please be hopeful that the game will receive a translation in English. However unlike, the fate of the Dragon Quest franchise in the west is starting to look dire, with a new game announced hot on the heels of Dragon Quest VII's remake. The past Dragon Quest Monsters for 3ds, Terry's Wonderland, was well received by fans and could be a hint at single player Dragon Quest's future.

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