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Fable Legends announced for Xbox One

We're sitting live in Microsoft's Gamescom 2013 Media Briefing, and the company has just announced a new, exclusive RPG for the Xbox One - Fable Legends. 

While details are still scant, Microsoft revealed that the game will feature an online version of Albion where players can bring their own customized heroes together. Players will be able to take on heroic or villainous roles within the online world.

The shown trailer focused on the multiple hero aspect of the title, showing off various traditional archetypal warriors, mages and rouge-style characters walking through a very Fable-like forest. They eventually come across a castle and, naturally, a fight breaks out with an ugly beast type.

The game has smartglass features in addition to the online, and is developed by traditional Fable masters Lionhead Studios. 

We'll bring you more as we get it.

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