XSEED bringing Trails in the Sky First Chapter to PC, Second Chapter to PC and PSP digital


Following yesterday's tease on their Twitter account, today XSEED officially announced that the Second Chapter to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (Sora no Kiseki in Japan) will finally be released in English sometime next year - both a PC version and a PSP version on PSN. In addition, the first Trails in the Sky chapter will be brought to PC, meaning both games will be playable on either platform. This PC port of the first title will be released sometime this winter. XSEED is publishing Second Chapter with the help of Carpe Fulgur, the company behind the translation of RPGs like Recettear and Chantelise.

Regarding any differences between the PSP and PC versions of the game, XSEED didn't give a definitive answer, but noted how  their Ys releases on PC combined "the best features from multiple past releases into a single "ultimate" version, so fingers crossed the same magic can happen again so that the PC version has all the added features from the PSP release." Thanks RPGamer.
The first title ends on a cliffhanger so this is excellent news both for people who have been waiting years to see the continuation of the storyline, as well as for new players to jump into the series on PC.

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