Cecil and Golbez revealed for Final Fantasy: Dissidia

This week's latest issue of gaming magazine Famitsu in Japan has seen the latest two characters in the line-up of ultimate Final Fantasy fanservice game, FF: Dissidia.

Dissidia sees heroes and villains from every mainline game up to 10 in the Final Fantasy universe do battle... for something. Plot details are thin at the moment, but the script, which brings together ten of the biggest heroes and ten of the biggest villains, is said to be longer than that of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

The scans can be found below, featuring FF4's Cecil (Paladin form) and Golbez. Cecil's Dark Knight form will also make a performance, though in what capacity is unknown.

Full Playable character line-up:
Final Fantasy I - Warrior of Light vs Garland
Final Fantasy II - Frioniel vs The Emperor
Final Fantasy III - Onion Knight vs Cloud of Darkness
Final Fantasy IV - Cecil (Paladin/Dark Knight) vs Golbez
Final Fantasy V - ? vs ?
Final Fantasy VI - ? vs Kefka
Final Fantasy VII - ? vs Sephiroth
Final Fantasy VIII - Squall vs Ultimecia
Final Fantasy IX - Zidane vs Kuja
Final Fantasy X - Tidus vs Jecht

Stick with us for more FF: Dissidia news.

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