Matt Bromberg becomes BioWare boss

Matt Bromberg is the new Group General Manager of BioWare, VentureBeat is reporting.

matt bromberg.jpg

Bromberg, who left Major League Gaming as its CEO last year to became the General Manager of BioWare Austin, will now oversee the entire line-up of studios the company has on its books.

The new GGM will maintain overall leadership of the Star Wars: The Old Republic studio, but will hand over day-to-day running to Jeff Hickman as the studio's new GM. He will also oversee responsibilities to BioWare Canada (Montreal and Edmonton), Victory Games in Los Angeles and Waystone Studios in Redwood City - where EA's HQ is based - with respective GMs Aaron Flynn (BioWare Canada), Jon Van Caneghem (Victory Games) and the aforementioned role for Hickman (BioWare Austin) reporting under him.

The timing of the announcement of Bromberg's ascenson could almost be coincidence: it'll be a year next week since it was announced BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk would leave the company. The pair's departure came after what was, needless to say, a turbulant 2012 for the company following ailing fortunes for Star Wars: The Old Republic and the public backlash over the ending of Mass Effect 3.

BioWare's future, however, is wall-to-wall with future stuff: Victory Games is working on the F2P Command & Conquer featuring Frostbite, whilst Waystone Games is working on MOBA Dawngate and BioWare Austin is currently working on continued updates on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Meanwhille, BioWare Edmonton has Dragon Age: Inquisition set for release next autumn on current and next-gen consoles as well as PC, while Casey Hudson and the Mass Effect team are in pre-production on a brand new IP. BioWare Montreal are working on a new Mass Effect game set outside the Edmonton trilogy using Frostbite 3. And of course, BioWare has been mentioned in regards to EA's future plans with Star Wars, although that could also just be for The Old Republic.