Capcom Annual Report 2008 Breakdown

We might be an RPG-based website, but we've got a deep interest in sales and industry news. Capcom has just released their Annual Report for 2008, detailing sales and profits. We're gonna break it down here so you don't have to dive into the Corporate PDF. Here's the information that matters.

The Series Sales Figure

  • Street Fighter Series has sold 25 million games worldwide
  • Street Fighter Movie on Track for February 2009
  • DEAD RISING has sold 1.35 million copies.
  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition has sold a whopping 4.5 million copies.
  • Lost Planet has sold 2 million copies.
  • Devil May Cry Series has sold 9 and a half million games.
  • Monster Hunter Series has sold 6.3 million games
  • Resident Evil Series has sold 34 million games
  • Ace Attorney Series has sold 2.8 million games
  • Mega Man series has sold 28 million games
  • Onimusha series has sold 7.8 million games

Capcom Information
  • Capcom sales make up 7% of the Japanese market, but only 1.4% in the US and Europe.
  • Capcom holds a 5.4% share of the US mobile phone game market
  • The Japanese 'Gaming Population' has increased to 33.08 million thanks to casual games.
  • Currently, 53% of Capcom's sales are in Japan. 28% are in the US, and 19% in Europe.
  • Capcom wishes to make the US account for 50% of its sales, 30% in Europe and 20% in Japan in the future.
  • Home Video Games Account for 60% of total Capcom Sales.

Capcom's Key Strategies for the Future
  • Key Strategy is 'Single Content x Multiple Usage & Developing a Wide Range of products using a single piece of Content' - for example Street Fighter - Arcade, Console, Movie, Comics.
  • Capcom intends to strive for better overseas sales in the future, while also 'Cultivating a new genre with titles targeting casual users'
  • Capcom intends to expand its fanbase with more mobile and PC games.
  • Capcom intends to offer an online store & virtual world for PC gamers
  • More comics, movies & other videogame tie-ins.

That's about all of the best bits from Capcom's Financial Report for the Fiscal Year ending March 2008. We'll bring you a full, more detailed analysis of the rest of the information next week!

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