Two more Etrian Odyssey Untold Character Introductions

Etrian Odyssey: Untold's demo is available on the 3DS eShop today, with the actual title releasing in about two weeks.  Atlus is making sure gamers about the release, and as such have released two new character introductions for the game's Story Mode.

First up is Raquna.  Her introduction comes with a short introduction of the threat of an F.O.E., and shows how her defensive abilities can help sway the tide of the battle in your favor:

Next up is Simon.  As the party's medic, it's mainly his responsibility to keep the party healthy and alive.  The video also shows how flat out dangerous poison can be:

If you're interested, give the demo a download--the demo save transfers over to the full game, so there's no wasted time if you decide you want to grab the title on October 1st!

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