One Piece: Romance Dawn Is Heading to the West

Namco Bandai has announed today that One Piece: Romance Dawn will be making it to US shores as well as European shores.  When Namco Bandai Europe annouced the localization of the 3DS version a few months ago, there has been no word about a US release until now.

One Piece: Romance Dawn is an RPG that follows the story of the original manga pretty closely.  Romance Dawn covers the first 600 or so chapters of the Once Piece manga, as you learn about Luffy's childhood and takes players up to and through the Marineford arc.  Battles play out in a somewhat turn-based tactical affair, where using the right button commands while attacking can help unleash special combos.

Romance Dawn was originally released on the PSP, but the 3DS version (and the one that will get localized) added new dungeons and tweaked the difficulty, amongst other improvements.

Namco also released a trailer, and come English screenshots of the game.  Check them out below:

One Piece: Romance Dawn English Screenshots

One Piece: Romance Dawn will be released in the US during the holiday season.

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