See Bravely Default's English version in action in this new trailer

Fans wanting to get a proper glimpse at what Bravely Default's Western release will look like can finally have a glimpse thanks to Nintendo UK, who has released a new introductory video showing off the basics of the game.

The video is the first of a series Nintendo will be putting out in Europe to promote the title. The Western release of the game will be an enhanced one - while the first Western release, this will essentially be the newly announcedBravely Default: For the Sequel, an extended edition of the original Japanese game. 

For the Sequel improves on the original with additional graphical polish including character animations during conversations, an easier to handle user interface, extra difficulty settings and even the ability to manually adjust the random encounter rate. The game will ship with Japanese and English audio tracks in both the West and Japan, while in Europe on-screen text will also be available in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Square Enix passed on bringing the RPG West, but this trailer shows just why Nintendo was wise to pick it up - it looks great. Check it out below - the game will be out in Europe this year, and the US early 2014.

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