Dragon Quest 1-8 all heading to iOS and Android

Square Enix has announced that they're to release the first eight titles in the Dragon Quest series in the form of comprehensive ports for iOS and Android devices.

While the current announcement only applies to Japan, a Western release might well be likely, with many of Square Enix's other iOS and Android based efforts for the Final Fantasy series and other titles making it over fully localized.

An official website for the releases has been placed online by Square Enix Japan, and the first of the ports will release to the platforms this Winter. A version of spin-off Dragon Quest Monsters was also announced for the devices. 

It isn't yet clear exactly how much the games will change, but each Dragon Quest title will require different levels of work, it's clear. Dragon Quest is a NES title, while Dragon Quest VIII,  the last title of the announced ports, was originally for the PS2.

We'll bring you more as we get it. Thanks to TouchArcade and Eurogamer for catching the news.