Watch us play Chrono Trigger and other classic RPGs for charity today!

All day today, we at RPG Site are participating in the annual Extra Life Marathon, a 25-hour gaming/charity event where you get to watch us play games to raise money to help kids in need!

We're starting off with a complete play-through of all-time great Square Enxi RPG Chrono Trigger over on our TwitchTV channel. Once we finish this classic, we'll move on to streaming some other RPGs until the full 25 hours is through. We'll also be giving out cool prizes on-stream.

If you want to show your support, there's two things you can do for us: first of all, watch! Second, and far more important - Donate to the cause we're supporting! All donations through our Extra Life page this year go to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital, where kids are treated for all kinds of different problems including cancer, physical and mental disorders and much more. They do really important work.

Here's the links you need:

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