Atlus bringing Conception II to North America in Spring 2014


Atlus announced today that they are set to release turn-based RPG Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars in the spring of 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Although it is the second game in the series, it is a standalone narrative.

The premise of the game is as follows: monsters that emanate from the Pandora Labyrinth plague the world, and it's up to the Disciples, humans gifted with divine powers, to put an end to it. However, this divine power only stays with a person until their 18th birthday, meaning Disciples will have to combine powers, or effectively "give birth" to create Star Children, who can fight for them in battle. The player has to bond with seven key heroines throughout the game, which strengthens them (in more ways than one) and helps to create the Star Children. Well that's certainly interesting.

Battle gameplay revolves around targeting enemy vulnerabilities based on the direction characters attack from. Tinted arrows are in place to guide the player to determine which direction will cause the most damage. In addition, the battle order depends on your choices and each character's agility, so understanding this order and the best way to deal damage is the key to succeeding in battle.

The game will be $39.99 for either version. Atlus released the following screenshots below. You can also check out the official site at


Conception II Screenshots
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