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Watch Atlus's Persona livestream in its entirety here

After a two-month countdown that began in September, Atlus showed the future of the Persona brand with four new games in a massively-hyped livestream this morning (November 24).

As well as the console version of Persona 4: Arena 2 for PlayStation 3 (next Summer in Japan) and Persona 4: Dancing All Night on PlayStation Vita (next Autumn for PlayStation Vita), Atlus unveiled Etrian Odyssey-like dungeon crawler Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, featuring the casts of Persona 3 and Persona 4, for Nintendo 3DS. That'll release next June in Japan.

With all these Persona 4-themed announcements, you'd think you'd not see that *other* big thing, right? That seemed like the case for most of the stream - and a trolling Teddie as MC didn't help matters - but alas, Persona 5 was announced at the tail end of the stream for a Winter 2014 release on PlayStation 3 in Japan.

You can watch the live stream in its entirety below. Get watching and relive trolling Teddie. It really was laughable (and depressing until P5 came up).

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