XSEED Has No Plans to Localize Unchained Blades EXXiV

More bad news on the RPG front today, as it was recently discovered that XSEED seems to have no plans to bring the sequel of the PSP and 3DS download title Unchained Blades to Western shores.

When a fan asked about the title on Facebook earlier in the month, XSEED responded with "Afraid we have no plans to pursue Exxiv".  While this is by no means the most official confirmation, it's unlikely that the company will pick up the dungeon crawler at all, especially considering the Unchained Blades EXXiV released in Japan over a year ago.

There's still a chance for localization, of course, as XSEED may change their minds or another company might pick the game up, but for now the game's Western future is on hold indefinately.

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