20th Anniversary Tales Livestream on December 12th

The Tales teaser site was finally updated with information. Albeit, not much information but those who pick at the details can gleam some new insight. The obvious changes to the site is the countdown at the top. You can find a snapshot of it below. The days will countdown towards the inevitable unveiling of the new Tales title on December 12th. In addition, it will be livestreamed on NicoNico and the game will represent the franchise's 20th anniversary title.  

The subtle hints of the new game lies in the visuals of the teaser site. It's art style is heavily stylized with blurs and no straight edges. Instead it relies on a painterly look, resembling similar to the pascal-type art in the Xillia concept arts. Not only that but there's a small book with bookmarks in the middle. Perhaps the focus of the new Tales is about stories or novels. Who knows. Tune in as the date grows ever closer.