UK Store Tescos Strikes in 360 Price War

Mere weeks after UK supermarket and sort-of videogames retailer Sainsburys slashed the price of Xbox 360 Premium consoles to as little as £99.99 for the Arcade Model.

Rival Supermarket Tescos has now also slashed the price of the console, taking the 60 gigabyte Premium model to a strange but cheap price point of £144.71.

It is extremely likely these consoles will be snaapped up by rival retailer GAME, though.

When Sainsburys offered consoels at crazy prices, GAME and Gamestation sent out store employees and managers to purchase thousands of pounds worth of Sainsburys stock - then return it to their own stores to resell as new.

"With 360 and Wii on sale at these prices we allowed our store managers to supplement their stock by buying consoles from their local Sainsbury's. Availability was very inconsistent, but on the whole it was a worthwhile exercise." GAME's chief executive Lisa Morgan said of the story.