Blue Dragon: Behemoth of the Otherworld Announced

The bad performance of Blue Dragon Plus in Japan was believed by many Western gamers to spell doom for Hironobu Sakaguchi's new series that began on the Xbox 360, but they've proved the naysayers wrong yet again with the announcement of another Sequel.

Blue Dragon: Behemoth of the Otherworld is an all new entry in the series for Nintendo DS, announced in this week's Jump Magazine in Japan. It's a new, fully 3D RPG being produced by Mistwalker and Published by Namco Bandi Games.

The game is an all new entry in the Blue Dragon canon, but for the first time players won't be playing as Shuu and friends, but creating their own character who will have their own guardian shadow to fight with.

Character customization is the name of the game, with equipment changes set to be reflected on your character allowing you to edit their look as well as their weapon load-out.

The game is also set to have a multiplayer mode of some description. We'll bring more on this new entry in the series we get it.

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