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Xbox Live Bans Straights as well as Gays

A story surfaced yesterday about how a Lesbian Xbox 360 Gamer got banned from Xbox Live for listing herself as being Lesbian in her profile.

As always with controversial issues, fans jumped in and issues got heated as people debated if Microsoft and the Xbox Live service were discriminating against homosexuals.

Thank god for the industrious people of NeoGAF, who decided to put the whole issue to the test. One member added a simple statement to the end of his Xbox Live Bio - simply stating "Heterosexual." The people of the forum then reported him.

Several hours later he recieved notification of a 24 hour ban from Xbox Live and the removal of the 'inappropriate content' from his profile.

Check out the original post and discussion thread over on NeoGAF.

So there you have it - Xbox Live bans gays and straights. That rules out discrimination - but is it still wrong? We'll leave that one up to you.

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